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Outliers International Ministries

“A Family Away From Home”

About 1,075,496 international students attended American universities in the 2019-2020 academic year. (That’s almost 5% of all enrolled university students in the country!)

There are about 200 different countries sending students to study in the U.S. (China and India making up 50%)

Almost 80% of international students never step foot in an American home during their studies. We want to change that!

A Family Away From Home!

Welcome to Outliers International Ministries! Our mission is to create a family away from home for international students, fostering deep and meaningful relationships that span the globe. We believe that by supporting internationals during their time in America, we can build bridges between cultures and promote understanding, love, and acceptance in our increasingly diverse world.

How We Serve

We help support international students during their transition to life in America by providing a culturally diverse community who understands. We connect them to essential resources, take them shopping, host community meals, support them in their studies, celebrate holidays with them, help them process culture shock, and help with physical needs.