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Who We Are

Who We Are

We started Outliers International Ministries to help international students adapt to American life and culture. We spent several years overseas, and we understand the difficulty of living in a new place, experiencing culture shock, missing family back home, and struggling to adapt to new things. We know how hard it is to make it feel like home in a foreign environment. Our hope is that we can support and help international students during this new, exciting, and sometimes scary adventure and become…

A Family Away From Home!

We founded Outliers International Ministries after spending several years overseas, being the outsiders in a foreign country, experiencing culture shock and homesickness, and secretly hoping that someone would help us adapt to life abroad. When we returned to the states, we learned that over 1,000,000 internationals come to America each year to study and are experiencing now what we did then.

God has given us a heart for internationals and a burden to show love to them by doing life with them and providing a sense of belonging.

Since its establishment, OIM has expanded and adapted, attracting a diverse group of individuals who share our vision and commitment to serving international students. Our faith, experiences, and training over the years has shaped us as leaders, developed us in empathy and compassion for those on the outskirts of society, and has taught us hospitality and what it means to serve others needs. Our unique qualities impact the way we lead and serve. OIM is unique to other organizations of similar nature in that it focuses exclusively on internationals and their families. We have seen a growing need in the U.S., where many internationals come to further their education or even plant roots. With such an influx of internationals and a lack of resources or care to help them, we have founded OIM to bridge the gap by being a “family away from home” and empowering them with the tools necessary to adapt to life here.